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This is the core focus of our business, and both personal, home and business financing. As finance brokers we:

  • Promote our services to new and existing clients,

  • Personally interview our clients and complete all necessary paperwork for a finance application,

  • Seek out and analyse the most appropriate finance options available for your particular situation and needs,

  • Submit the application direct to the lender of your choice and liaise directly with the lender on your behalf through to approval and settlement,

  • Liaise with any other parties involved in the transaction as required or as appropriate, for example, solicitors, real estate agents, vendors, accountants etc...

  • Provide after-sales service to you by way of acting as a first point of reference for any finance needs or issues you have, whether immediately post-settlement or in the future.

Finance Consultancy

In our consultancy role we are able to provide advice and recommendations on: 

  • Financing options and strategies for specific situations,

  • Loan structuring, and

  • Budgeting

Referral of Clients

This involves the formal referral of clients to other affiliated service professionals in situations where you request or require specific professional advice or assistance that is outside the realm of our business expertise.

These generally include solicitors, financial planners, accountants, insurance agents and the like